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5 Exciting Ingredients For Hot Sex

Ever wondered what you can do to spice up your love life to have hot sex? Sex can literally leave a better taste in your mouth and be stimulated with the inclusion of some yummy and fun ingredients.

Our Top 5 Ingredients For Hot Sex

1. Ice Cubes: Surprisingly, the instant cold rush of an ice cube on your partner can heat up sex in a big way. For immediate stimulation, place an ice cube in your mouth for a moment, then caress the body of your partner. This practice will raise the temperature of your sex, while creating a feast of sensations.

ice cube sex

2. Strawberries: Take a strawberry between your teeth and give your partner a bite of it. Eating together creates an intimate moment. Also try placing strawberry slices on your partners body and eating them off slowly. Fruit + sex for a health win-win!

strawberries being eaten off a body during hot sex

3. Chantilly Cream: To start, try putting a little bit of cream on your fingers and let your partner suck it off gently. The sensation of feeling his or her tongue can be extremely pleasurable and arousing.

Breasts are excellent ‘assets’ to feel unimaginable sexual sensations. Put whipped cream on your nipples, tell your partner to start with gentle circular movements of the tongue, working up to sucking the cream off entirely. But don’t stop there. The neck is also one of the most sensitive areas, so be daring!

woman licking whipped cream sexually

Whipped cream is not only sweet, sticky and soft, but also a very versatile ingredient for hot sex. Squeeze some cream on your vagina or clitoris or your partner’s erect penis. Ask your partner to perform oral sex. A truly memorable moment in the bedroom. Try it!

4. Chocolate: Scientifically proven to release endorphins, (chemicals which make us happy and feel pleasure), the sweet desires of chocolate are also craved during times of stress, sadness or anxiety. Chocolate is also known to be an aphrodisiac.

couple having sex with chocolate sauce

For chocolate lovers, an excellent idea is to include this sweet ingredient in a game, using chocolate paint. Write two words that you want in your body. Your lover or lovers must guess what you wrote. A correct guess is rewarded by you letting them remove the word with your tongue, then using the word. Give sex life a sweet reward!

5. Complement ingredients with these sexy ideas;

  • a blindfold to maintain an element of sex surprise
  • use a sex toy on your partner before intercourse
  • use massage or a massaging machine to relax your partner
  • turn off the lights in the bedroom
  • a hot bubble bath
  • romantic or fun music for setting a mood
  • a comfortable bed


All of the above will help you enjoy sex more. Worth a try to improve the ultimate and most personal experience!


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